Noah supported by Jessie May Childrens' Hospice playing on Lifelites donated ipad - Credit Lifelites

What We Fund

Capital Projects
These are for work undertaken to improve or develop an asset already owned. You will need to confirm ownership and when your lease expires, if planning permission is in place etc depending on the type of asset the funding will support. Please indicate how the project will affect the ongoing costs of your organisation, for example whether a bigger building will cost you more to run (how will you sustain this?), or whether you will be able to save money afterwards as a result.

Core costs
These are towards the general running costs of your organisation, also sometimes referred to as ‘core costs’. The grants are typically unrestricted and can be used towards costs such as general salaries (but not a specific position), rent, programme costs etc.

Project/specific activities costs
Please include all costs involved in delivering the project, including staff and a percentage of relevant overheads as applicable. The trust prefers to support staff salaries as part of general overheads and not individual posts.

If seeking funding towards educational costs, we will need to see evidence of previous academic achievement, and academic and personal references together with offers from academic institutions. Please also include a summary of what you intend to do on completion of your studies.

Environmental impact
Please tell us what steps you or your organisation are taking to address the environmental impact of your work.